The team

Meet the members of the Happy Men & Women Share More team! 

Happy Men & Women Share More was launched by Antoine de Gabrielli in 2013.

Florence Masquin

Florence joined Companieros and the Happy Men & Women Share More project in October 2019.

Working at Lactalis at the time, Florence had joined “The rocket” program propelled by WoMen’Up and as part of this was taking part in her spare time in a working group on gender diversity issues, particularly that of work-life balance.Travaillant alors chez Lactalis, Florence avait intégré la démarche la fusée propulsée par WoMen’Up et dans ce cadre participait sur son temps libre à un groupe de travail sur des sujets de mixité femmes-hommes, notamment celui de l’équilibre vie pro-vie perso.

It was during her research that she discovered Happy Men & Women Share More and asked to register for the Happy Men & Women Share More forum in June 2019.

When she met Antoine de Gabrielli and the Companieros team, she said at the end of the discussion that she would be very interested in joining them…

Florence is perfectly in tune with the ambition of Happy Men & Women Share More: “to be committed to your professional life while respecting the essential issues of your private life”, which is in fact her own daily challenge!

Today, Florence is committed to :

– producing increasingly high-quality and useful content for our partner companies: feeds; podcasts; web conferences; promotional and communication tools,

– helping our partner companies to make the best possible use of all the resources available through the partnership,

– to grow the project by mobilising new partner companies.

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Béatrice de Gourcuff

Béatrice de Gourcuff was closely involved in the creation of the approach with Antoine de Gabrielli in 2013. She knows its history inside out and is the guarantor of its authenticity and consistency.

Drawing on 15 years of developing content and teaching tools on gender diversity, she has seen companies and employees become increasingly aware of the subject, while others are, on the contrary, overcome by ‘gender fatigue’.

Against this backdrop, she is more than ever committed to reaching out to everyone, women and men alike, the convinced and the sceptical, the ‘old hands at the subject’ and the ‘beginners’. 

To do this, she draws on her nuanced ideas and places them in a perspective of meaning at work that helps to overcome divisions.

Through the Happy Men & Women Share More feed, podcasts, conferences, content and tools developed in close collaboration with the rest of the team, Béatrice is helping to bring about change in companies on a daily basis!

Antoine de Gabrielli

A  pioneer in this field, Antoine de Gabrielli was convinced very early on that progress in gender equality was a win-win situation: for women, of course, but also for men, contrary to a common perception at the time. 

This first conviction was backed up by a second, more operational one, namely that men had an important and specific role to play in this progress, in both the professional and private spheres.

In 2011, he first set up the association Mercredi-c-papa, the first men’s association whose aim was to involve men in professional equality policies. 

This initiative was based on 10 years of original personal experience, of listening and sharing between men on issues of personal and professional success.

Wanting to go further, in 2013 he launched the “Happy Men Share More” inter-company scheme, aimed at involving men, particularly executives, managers and directors, in supporting and accompanying policies of professional equality within their companies.

Acknowledging the progress made in 10 years, the scheme – which has since become Happy Men & Women Share More – now focuses primarily on mobilising the men and women in positions of power: the aim is to support them in building a management style that is genuinely inclusive of women (we’re still a long way from that!), thus opening up an exciting field of innovation and transformation in the workplace, from which men, particularly the youngest among them, will also benefit. 

Antoine is the figurehead of this approach to inclusion, and is a regular speaker at the Happy Men & Women Share More webconferences, where he tracks down what he calls “declusive” practices, i.e. those that hinder the inclusion of women, “model counter-roles”, behaviours that discourage ambitions, often without the knowledge of those who embody them, and the glass floors that separate professional commitment and private life. 

In each case, he tries to propose concrete solutions to the obstacles he identifies.