Happy Men & Women Share More is the only inter-company, ready-to-use approach to promoting gender diversity.

How can we do this?

By giving all levels of the company the desire and the power to act!

HR / managers / executives / employees

Gender diversity: a new mindset is needed

We’ve been talking about gender diversity for 20 years.
Progress has been made, but it’s been slow, tooooooo slow.

Let’s speed up progress,

let’s change the mindset,

let’s transform the world of work

So that, men and women alike, we can develop our skills and talents to match our ambitions.

Together, men and women!

Happy Men & Women Share More is 10 years old. Since it was founded by Antoine de Gabrielli, we have been promoting the idea that it is only together, men and women, that we can make real progress towards gender equality in companies, and that together we can build an alliance for a transformation of work, in which the interests of men and women, those of economic competitiveness and those of society are aligned.

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