The Happy Toolbox !

Discover our newsletter to awaken, engage and take action…

The newsletter is sent every two weeks to employees of partner companies who wish to receive it. Short and informative, each issue contains a personal question, an in-depth analysis and a commitment to be made. 

At the heart of the Happy Men & Women Share More DNA, the commitment is designed to encourage people to take action. Its purpose is linked to gender diversity, and very concrete ways of getting started are suggested.

Last but not least, the newsletter gives you the Happy Men & Women Share More agenda, with the dates of the events we are organizing.

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10-minute podcasts to understand one facet of gender equality in the workplace 🙂

Our podcasts are designed as educational courses to help you understand what’s at stake when it comes to inclusion, in the service of gender equality in the workplace!

Every month, we produce a 10-minute episode to shed light on one facet of gender diversity in the workplace. Stereotypes, quotas, parenthood, leadership, role models – these are just some of the topics covered in a concise format that you can listen to with your coffee.

These podcasts have unlimited access, so tell everyone about them! I listen to the podcasts to learn more about the subject!

Regular webconferences for inspiration

These quarterly webconferences are open to all employees of partner companies. They are designed to give new thought to the subject of gender diversity in the workplace, and to generate discussion with Companieros speakers.

4 webconferences a year are proposed, to keep the subject of gender diversity on the agenda of our partner companies!

One month before each webconference, an email is sent to all employees who subscribe to the newsletter, as well as to the gender diversity managers of partner companies. Partner companies are then free to spread the word more widely!

I’m discovering the different 2024 themes:

Innovative, lively tools to animate the subject

Progress towards greater gender diversity in the workplace depends on talking about it on a regular basis.

That’s why Happy Men & Women Share More regularly designs new tools to enable different players (managers, diversity managers, members of gender diversity networks, etc.) to take an active part in promoting gender diversity.

These tools are designed in a practical, innovative format that makes people want to use them! Some of them are available in Power Point format, so that companies can personalize them.

You can access all these documents in the “my area” section of the website.

  • educational content (videos, presentations) to help you understand the subject of gender diversity
  • a book of commitments to be adapted for your company
  • communication tools to spread the message within your company
  • tools (quizzes, mini-courses), to be completed individually or in teams
  • ideas for talking about the subject in your organization