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Happy Men & Women Share More is the only all-in-one, inter-company approach that makes it possible to promote the subject of gender diversity.

Companies, you have everything to gain! In order to help you promote the subject of gender equality in companies, here are the ingredients that make Happy Men & Women Share More a special and sincere approach. Our strengths :

1- A universal vision, a lever for managerial quality.

2- Attractive educational resources to bring this vision to life throughout the year.

3 – Support to help you involve your stakeholders : HR players, managers, executives.

Companies, become partners of a universal approach!

Once your company is a partner, all your company’s employees benefit from unlimited content.

Happy Men & Women Share More offers one year subscriptions for the company, depending on their size.

Each month, we offer you a discovery visio session of the Happy Men & Women Share More approach. These discovery sessions are open to all, companies and individuals. You will have the opportunity to talk for an hour with Florence Masquin, your account manager and coordinator, who will explain the approach and answer all your questions!

Does my company is a partner? If not …

I share Florence’s contact details with my manager or human resources to help them discover the Happy Men & Women Share More approach !

Florence Masquin 

+33 6 20 30 38 64