The Happy Men & Women Share More Vision

We are pleased to share with you the personal and universal vision of our cross-company approach: inclusion for successful gender diversity at work.

To help you understand why it is so important to take action on a day-to-day basis in your company to achieve gender equality, we suggest you take a look at the Happy Men & Women Share More vision. Our vision: inclusion at work to achieve gender diversity.

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Men and women at work : a common search for success

We all aspire to be committed professionally while meeting the essential needs of our private lives.

Yet how many people, mostly women, give up on advancing their careers because the obstacles seem so insurmountable? 

Real inclusion: transforming work to achieve gender diversity

Some want to change women, or men. At Happy Men & Women Share More, we want to change work first. Because that’s where the heart of the matter lies, where real inclusion is.

This is a challenge of inclusion for companies.

The challenge is to track down all the organisational norms and practices which, without knowing it, are in fact only suitable for a particular category of employees.

The latter, without knowing it, are in fact only adapted to a particular category of employees, creating barriers that are often insurmountable for others: meeting times that are too early in the morning or too late in the evening, lack of punctuality that disorganizes the tightest schedules (for example, those of mothers), refusal of part-time work (80% of which is taken up by women) for managers, seminars lasting several days far from home, hierarchical progression under the constraint of mobility, informal discussions in the evenings that exclude those who have family responsibilities, etc…

The first to be invited to this gentle revolution are of course leaders, senior executives and managers: their transformative capacity and their exemplary role are at the heart of the challenges of change.

Building tomorrow’s business together

The challenge of inclusion is to transform traditional one-size-fits-all companies into companies that make room for all talents, however different they may be.

We need to transform the company in order to :
Give more autonomy – Allow a better work-life balance – Respect the identity of each individual – Be less hierarchical – Build on trust.

It is a path to managerial excellence, a vector of performance and meaning at work and a major challenge for attracting and retaining young talent, both men and women.

A gentle revolution through each of us!

Because the company is made up of men and women, progress depends on the emancipation of everyone, individually and collectively, from ways of working, habits, behaviour and attitudes that are in fact negative.

The logic of Happy Men & Women Share More is not, directly, to generate new collective rules: it is to rely on the change of each individual, and that is what is revolutionary.

We help each person to identify his or her own space for freedom and action so that the company functions better, management is more qualitative and the lives of all employees, and above all their own, are more fulfilled.

We make them want to be actors of change, at their level, through the issue of professional equality.

We encourage them to stop relying on others, on management, on the law, but first of all on themselves to make the change happen.

It is the individual or team micro success stories that gradually generate general change in organisations.

The first to be invited to this gentle revolution are, of course, leaders, senior executives and managers: their transformative capacity and their exemplarity are at the heart of the challenges of change. 

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