Happy Men Share More Manifesto

Isn’t it odd ? We always talk about women equality.
But two people are needed to talk about equality.
What if the subject was also men ?

Strong men. Men who succeed, fight, protect.
Men who have great careers, compete, judge themselves : winners, losers.
What if we stopped using these cliches ?
If men never question themselves, we will never achieve equality.

Equality is sharing.
If men don’t accept to share more, things won’t change, or so little.
Share what ? Share time.
Share Work.
Share family responsibilities.
Share professional success.
Share children education.
What’s good in there ?
Simply more happiness.

Each and every one of us know men who share.
Men who don’t stay to work late at night only to have a nice corporate imagery.
Men who don’t run after fancy titles.
Men who don’t get into cockfights.
It is said they have better things to do : take care of their children, build their couple relationship, be open to others, be part of the world.
Sometimes we make fun of them. Most of the time we envy them.
Because they seem more fulfilled, happier.
And it is true : they are happier.

Men who share are happier.
Happy men share more.