Webconference to think differently about gender diversity at work !

Every quarter, Antoine de Gabrielli proposes collective moments to break down preconceived ideas on gender diversity and share good practices.You have the opportunity to discuss together at the end of the webconference so prepare your questions!

His aim is to break down preconceived ideas, not those of previous years – referring to the old school aestheticism of the charter – but those of today, modern ones, which block individuals in limiting beliefs.
Reserved for our partner companies, they can take the form of a conference, a workshop or a testimonial from a member company of the network.

Antoine de Gabrielli is founder of the Happy Men & Women Share More network and an expert on gender issues. If you want to rediscover some of his public appearances it’s here !

“Thank you for putting all these issues on the table!”


“I really appreciate all the factual elements you put forward, and I think it is even stronger that you are a man… It really makes me feel so good to see men fighting for a more “balanced” world of work between men and women…”


If my company is a partner, I register to receive my login details: f.masquin@companieros.com.

Do not hesitate to prepare your questions to exchange with the speaker! All web conferences are organised on the Webex tool. 

If my company is not (yet) a partner, I share Florence’s contact details with my manager or human resources to help them discover the Happy Men & Women Share More approach!

Florence Masquin