Florence Masquin

Florence Masquin, Companieros Account Manager and Happy Men Share More Coordinator, is available to answer your questions.

Florence Masquin began her career with six years’ experience in a large agri-food group,exploring several product categories and marketing and sales functions. Deeply interested in the persistent inequalities between women and men in our society and questioning the meaning of her work, Florence met Companieros at the Happy Men Share More forum, which led to a collaboration as an account manager and coordinator of the Happy Men & Women Share More approach.

She and the Companieros team work daily to offer you various contents on the theme of gender equality: the newsletter, the commitments; the podcasts; the articles; the webconferences… What to act every day to improve gender equality in organisations!

Florence also assists Happy Men & Women Share More partner companies to make the best use of the various tools available to them to make Happy Men & Women Share More an effective lever for progress towards greater gender diversity.


+ 33 6 20 30 38 64